The color test was conceived in 1949 by the Swiss Max Lüscher.

It is a flexible and reliable tool that allows, through a simple administration, to shed light on unconscious problems at the basis of psychological, adaptive, behavioral and psychosomatic disorders. It highlights the personality structure by adapting to every possible field of analysis: from the selection of personnel in the company, to the psychodynamic diagnosis, up to the psychosomatic risk, etc.

The TEST highlights three levels: conscious, preconscious and unconscious; it records more phasic and other more constant personality characteristics over time, especially potential traits, in some cases, still unexpressed in real life.

Professor Max Lüscher calls it “SOUL RADIOGRAPHY”. In fact, the test is able to photograph the deepest mechanisms of the psyche, the unconscious dynamics, behavioral masks, areas of psychological tension, and even physiological ones, even before they materialize in life events.

Administration time: 10-15 minutes.

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