Doc Roberta Di Teodoro

Psychologist – Psychotherapist in training.
Registered with the Order of Psychologists of Abruzzo, n. 3201

I am graduated in Clinical and Dynamic Psychology at the University of L’Aquila. I am in training in the school of brief Dynamic Psychotherapy of Pescara.

Reiki Master

The path as Reiki operator started in 2010, the year in which I obtained both the 1st and the 2nd level, after 5 months.

In 2014, for a year and a half, I practiced as a volunteer at the Hospice department of Teramo, where I carried out an experimental pilot study, which later became my master’s thesis in Psychology with the title “Psycho-physical stress in the caregiver of the terminally ill. Using Reiki in Hospice “, and presented a year later at the SICP 2017 Congress in Riccione with the title “The choice to relieve the stress of the caregiver in palliative care, without words”.

In 2017 I had experience with cancer patients for a period of 6 months, in which I again verified the effectiveness of Reiki: reduction of the sense of exhaustion and improvement of mood; in fact, patients reported feeling more active and less depressed. The experiences in the hospital environment have allowed me to practice constantly making “born” the desire to achieve the 3rd level Master in September 2017.

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