Reiki is an ancient discipline, rediscovered in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk and teacher of Qi Gong, after a lifetime of studies and research.

The method was then spread throughout the West by Hawaio Takata, born in Hawaii but daughter of Japanese parents.

In 1980, the year of his death, there were twenty-two masters between the United States and Canada. In about thirty years, Reiki has spread throughout the world.

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is composed by Rei, the energy that envelops everything and flows in all living creatures, and from Ki, the energy that we find in every living being.

So Reiki is the reconnection between the vital energy (Ki) and the universal energy (Rei) in an individual. In a nutshell, reconnecting with the “energy” that surrounds me with what “I am”.

The Rei and the Ki are harmonized at the level of the heart and from there they are expressed and manifested as Reiki or light vibrations.

Levels of Reiki

Reiki is divided into the following levels:

  • 1st Level, physical level.
    During the seminar we learn the techniques to treat others, but above all ourselves. While not a rule, during the seminar it can happen to become aware of our energy blockages on a physical level. Let us remember that every symptom has a message to give us, this is how a profound knowledge of ourselves can start. Everyone has their own way of feeling Reiki: those who feel warmth, those who prickle, those who are void; what is certain is that after 1st level everyone is able to use and feel the benefits, even the most skeptical of the students.
  • 2nd, emotional / mental level.
    In the seminar, thanks to the use of the symbols, which are keys to access certain energies, we will have the opportunity to strengthen, optimize and work in a much more targeted way on the various problems, both physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It also allows us to work beyond space and time and beyond physicality (distance treatments).
  • 3rd (3a), spiritual level.
    It is a very intuitive and profound level, in which the fourth Reiki symbol is given. Constant practice will give the opportunity to constantly perceive, but also to transmit to others, a great sense of peace and connection with life. It is possible to reach the heart of Reiki without having to face the path of a teacher. The latter includes the so-called third level (3b) to become a Reiki master or teacher of Reiki.


The Reiki operator channels the energy of the universe through energetic plexuses called chakras located along the spinal column and in different parts of one’s body, immediately giving it to one’s patient through the palms of the hands, without any risk to oneself and for others.


  • At the Physical Level: it mobilizes the individual’s energy resources, improving their vitality and strengthening the immune system. Accelerates healing. Soothes pain. Promotes normal functioning of the organs. Promotes the elimination of toxins and improved sleep.
  • On the Psychic Level: it brings harmony. Gives vitality and zest for life. Eliminate stress and help relax. Increase self-confidence. Improves memory and concentration. Stimulates creativity.
  • On an Emotional Level: Reiki is fundamental for one’s personal growth. Today we are always in a frenetic movement, we are required to be socially and family efficient, often the related stress makes us physically and mentally vulnerable and, losing contact with ourselves, we end up being nervous and exhausted.


Courses to become Reiki Operators:

Course dates will be published in the blog and on the Reiki Teramo Facebook page.
It is also possible to program the course upon request / personal need.

26-27 October 2019
1st Level Reiki course
Practice, 1st level Reiki course

12 May 2019

2nd Level Reiki course

The Reiki group is performed monthly on a Saturday afternoon, from 3.30 pm onwards. The group is made up of Reiki operators who want to deepen their path and share their experiences or ideas.

The activities carried out mainly include the Meditation and the Exchange of Treatments between the operators, in addition to the Workshops centered on the “discovery” of other techniques or holistic disciplines, during which the participation of specialized Masters is foreseen (for example: Hata Yoga lesson, Bhakti Yoga, Meditation with Tibetan bells, Rebirthing, and others).

Group space aims at personal growth, offering the opportunity to immerse oneself “in energy” together with others who share the same passion.

Meditation with Tibetan Bells – Reiki Group 5 October 2019

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